Welcome to the Native Village of Gakona!

Our Mission is to exercise self-determination for the benefits of the tribe to increase devices that will meet social, health and community development needs within the community.

Our Vision for the community is to live health-conscious lifestyles.

Our Purpose is to work together in unity and faith for abetter tomorrow...and for a stronger people. 

The Native Village of Gakona (NVG) is located at the confluence of the Copper and Gakona Rivers in the Ahtna region of Alaska. Gakona means Rabbit River. The village lies at mile 4.8 on the Tok Cutoff just east of the Richardson Highway. NVG is a federally recognized Tribe, and the Gakona Village Council is the governing body for the village.

Have questions about NVG and their programs? Call the office at (907) 822-5777.

Tribal Administrator/Bookkeeper..........Charlene Nollner
Family Services/Enrollment Clerk........Lisa Nicolai
Environmental Coordinator...................Brandie Radigan
Environmental Assistant.......................Derrick Sinyon
After School Program...........................Lishaw Lincoln

Want to apply for a job?  
Print and complete the Gakona Job Application below and fax to 907-822-5997 or drop off at the office.

Interested in renting the Buster Gene Memorial Facility for an event? Wedding! Reception! Any fun gathering. Our state-of-the-art 2,600 sf. open space facility provides a full kitchen and men/women multi-stall restrooms. Our full kitchen comes fully equipped with two gas stoves and various kitchen essentials. For your big gatherings we have 170 padded chairs and fourteen 8-ft tables available and a drop-down screen and smart TV. 

Complete the Rental Agreement below and fax to 822-5997.


Tribal Response Program

Public Record

NVG has a Tribal Response Program (TRP) dedicated to identifying Brownfields sites. Brownfields sites consist of land and/or buildings that are unused due to them being used as a dump site. We assess land along the Tok cutoff highway, with a reuse plan for the land or the structure. We want to keep the land free of garbage or toxins for cleaner and healthier communities. No contaminated site or spill is too small or too big. 

NVG is in its third year of going strong. We are focused on pursuing assessment and cleanup funding for the Heinz site, Ahtna portion.

If you know of any old dumpsites or potential dumpsites, there are many ways to report:     

o   Call: 907-822-5777 

o   Email: gakonaec@gmail.com or gakonaepa@gmail.com

o   Come by the office: ask for Brandie, Derrick or just provide the information to any staff members. 

o   or fill out our online NVG Brownfields assessment 2018 for a potential contaminated site at the bottom of this website and return to the NVG office. 

o   For more information about Brownfields visit https://www.epa.gov/brownfields

Sites in Inventory :

    Heinz Site

NVG's third year of TRP is to research funding for site assessment and cleanup. In Jan. 2017 NVG's Environmental Staff submitted a Brownfield Assessments & Cleanup Services (DBAC) application with AK Dept. of Environmental Conservation (ADEC). In March we received a letter for the DBAC and ranked fourth in the State. Since funding services through ADEC is limited, NVG's TRP will continue to research other fundings for the Heinz site.  In June, NVG's Environmental Coordinator submitted a petition to request an EPA Preliminary Environmental Site and Removal Assessment for the Heinz property and neighboring Ahtna Inc., property. 

NVG's Environmental Dept. received a letter from Ahtna Inc., stating they give NVG' TRP permission to inventory any real or perceived contaminated sited according to NVG's TRP grant specifications from Gakona Village to Mentasta Village and to put signage up in the areas that may be considered to be a danger to human, wildlife and environmental health and safety.

Contacts: Native Village of Gakona, Ahtna Inc., AK Dept. of Environmental Conservation, EPA

Action: ADEC's DBAC, Petition for EPA Preliminary Environmental Site and Removal Assessment. 

Contaminates: Abandoned vehicles, trailers and snowmachines, rusted car parts and household appliances, used tires on and off the rims, barrels, fallen buildings.

Street: Mile 4.8 Tok cutoff Rabbit Road

City/State/Zip: Gakona, AK 99586

EPA Region: 10 Federal Facility Flag

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