Welcome to the Native Village of Gakona!

The Native Village of Gakona (NVG) is located at the confluence of the Copper and Gakona Rivers in the Ahtna region of Alaska. Gakona means Rabbit River.  The village lies at mile 4.8 on the Tok Cutoff just east of the Richardson Highway.  NVG is a federally recognized Tribe, and the Gakona Village Council is the governing body for the village.
Have questions about Gakona and its programs? Call the office at (907) 822-5777.

Tribal Administrator/Bookkeeper:     Charlene N.
Family Services/Enrollment Clerk    Lisa N.
IGAP Coordinator (EPA)                  Brandie R.
IGAP Assistant (EPA)                      Shawnee F.

Looking for the Gakona Health Clinic? The clinic is operated by Copper River Native Association and housed in the Buster Gene Memorial Facility.  Call the clinic at 822-5175 or fax 822-5343.

Want to apply for a job?  Complete the Employment Application below and fax to 907-822-5997 or drop off at the office.


PleaseJoin Us
 May 13th at 1pm for
 NVG Annual Clean Up Day this year we will have great prizes, recycle relay and BBQ! 
(see flyer below)

 Youth Environmental Summit!!!! 


June 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2016

Theme is 

"Climate Detectives"

This years event will be held in Chistochina AK at the hall. 
 Print out the registration below and fax to 822-5997

Tribal Response Program

 Public Record


We now have a  Tribal Response Program (TRP) dedicated to identifying old dumpsites and cleaning them up for reuse. We want to keep the land free of garbage or toxins for a cleaner healthier community. If you know of any old dumpsites or potential dumpsites please contacts Shawnee Frank at the Native Village of Gakona at (907) 822-5777 or email at gakonaepa@gmail.com 

 If you know of any sites please fill out the form below titled TRP Survey 

 Sites in Inventory : 

Hienz Site

We are currently in the process of assessing the site and taking inventory of the possible contaminates of the site. In the past multiple junk cars have been removed from this site.

Contacts: Native Village of Gakona

Action: In the process of taking inventory of the site

Contaminates: Possible fuel and oil

Street: Mile 4.8 Tok cutoff Rabbit Road

City/State/Zip: Gakona, AK 99586

EPA Region: 10 Federal Facility Flag



Interested in renting the Buster Gene Memorial Facility for an event? Wedding! Reception! Any fun gathering. Our state-of-the-art 2,600 sf. open space facility provides a full kitchen and men/women multi-stall restrooms. Our full kitchen comes fully equipped with two gas stoves and various kitchen essentials. For your big gatherings we have 170 padded chairs and fourteen 8-ft tables available and a drop-down screen and smart TV. 

Complete the Rental Agreement below and fax to 822-5997.

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